Season 3 Episode 9: Finding Your DM Style w/ 4ever DM Justin

There are so many different types of Game Masters out there. It can be easy to try and emulate what you've seen on Actual Plays or try to copy your previous GM in your own games. But how do you find your own voice, your own style? 

Today I'm joined by Justin aka 4everDM_Justin to talk about his own style and approach to the table. We swap stories about how we've found our own style and the ways it's impacted our games for better or worse and how we've learned from mistakes along the way. 

For some great insight and hilarious sketches, you can follow Justin on Twitter or TikTok or catch him streaming with Bards and Brews or catch his DM Prep streams. 

Follow me on twitter @19hitsthedragon for updates on the season and general nerd shenanigans.

You can follow Hannah on @Bad8uddhist twitter to see her awesome crafts and get updates on edits and her craft streams. 

Intro and Outro music by Paul Mackie

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