Season 3 Episode 8: Let The Chips Fall Where They May; Crafting Engaging Stories With Miss-Rolled Adventures

Often in my conversations with guests, we talk about how TTRPGs are really just a form of collaborative storytelling. But DnD and other games like it have a habit of becoming a situation where the players are playing through a story that kind of exists without them specifically. So how do we change that and make our games something that can feel more like players have an impact on the story? 

Well I'm joined by Tyler of Miss-Rolled Adventures to discuss exactly that. Tyler talks us through his journey as a beginning DM that went from focusing on every little detail of the world and rigid story structure to a more engaging and interactive game that is much more fun for everyone. We discuss a lot of great tips and talk about some missteps that have been made a long the way. We also have some fun story time talking about our games and giving examples of things that have gone well or poorly and what we've learned from those experiences. 

If you're interested in seeing what other shenanigans Tyler and his players have gotten up to you can check them out on Twitch: or give them a follow on Twitter: @missrolled

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Intro and Outro music by Paul Mackie

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