Season 3 Episode 7: Does Experience Matter? New Players vs. Old Players w/ The Hussman

I love sitting down at a table with people who are new to TTRPGs. New players are the best! They bring such life and nuance to games without any presumptions and expectations about what a game "should be." Though it can be kinda tough to get them out of their shell and I guess teaching them the mechanics of a game can take a while. You know what? There's nothing like a veteran player that knows the game and can sit down with a filled out character sheet and is ready to roll. I love playing with experienced players; they're the best! Which do you prefer?

Today I'm joined by Chris Hussey aka The Hussman to talk about players old and new. What's so great about new players? Why is playing with the veterans of the game a great time? What are some struggles you might face with either type of player? How do you work with them? Well fret not cause we've got all the answers for you. 

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Intro and Outro music by Paul Mackie

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