Season 3 Episode 15: Storybook Time With Kate from Of Mice And Men And Monsters

Game Masters not just creators of stories, we are also enjoyers of stories. And with so many great stories that have been told throughout the history of humanity it's inevitable that you're going to find other stories that inspire you, stories you want to bring to your table and share with your friends. 

Today I'm joined by Kate the Master Teacher over on "Of Mice And Men And Monsters" who shares the insight's she's gained from bringing works of literature to her table. OMAMAM has played through several classic works and Kate and the party as well do a great job of adapting these stories in such a way that they feel true to the source but are also their own "Twist" on the story. And we're here to provide advice, examples, and insights on how to effectively adapt the stories you like into your Tabletop games. 

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Intro and Outro music by Paul Mackie

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