Season 3 Episode 14: Making Good Villains Great with Goblets and Gays

The Big Bad Evil Guy is a tried and true trope. No matter what story your game is telling there is going to be someone or something that is working against your players. Someone to personify the forces of evil; some nefarious creature out to cause havoc and destruction; Or maybe one character's dad is just an asshole. But how do you make the BBEG interesting? What makes for a compelling villain? Can my players smooch my villains? 

Well today I'm joined by Aubrey and Aki, the creative force behind Goblets and Gays and Animam Agere, to answer all those questions and more. From fighting Jeff Bezos to dealing with family trauma we've got tons of tricks you can use to create compelling characters that oppose your players. 

If you want to hear and see more from Aubrey and Aki you can check them out on Goblets and Gays, Animam Agere, and Wayward Arcadium by following the links here or catch them on Bring Your Own Mech
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Intro and Outro music by Paul Mackie

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And as always f*ck Jeff Bezos

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