Season 3 Episode 13: Weird Science with Reed of Bring Your Own Mech

Reality is weird, really weird. Scientists work to understand just how weird our world is and have given us many wonders to marvel at. 

Today I'm joined my the twice graduated Reed, GM of Bring your Own Mech and Deimos Paradox. They're hear to tell ups about the weird and fantastical side of science and how to use it to inspire your Tabletop RPGs. From strange real world creatures and phenomena to fascinating applications of science and technology, we talk about how you can use real world science to inspire the worlds you make and stories you tell. 

If you want to hear more from Reed you can check out their podcasts:
Deimos Paradox - Twitter: @DeimosParadox

Bring Your Own Mech - Twitter @OwnMech  

You can follow Reed on Twitter @ReedPlays

Follow me on twitter @19HitstheDragon for updates on the season and general nerd shenanigans.

You can follow Hannah on @Bad8uddhist twitter to see their awesome crafts and get updates on edits and her craft streams. 

Intro and Outro music by Paul Mackie

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