Season 3 Episode 11: Plan As Little As Possible With Kerri Smith

Planning for player choices is incredibly challenging. TTRPG players are notorious for going left when you wanted them to go right or making any choice other than the ones you thought of and prepared for. So how can you as a Storyteller make your games just as enjoyable without spending so much time and energy on plans that you never use? 

Today I'm joined by Kerri Smith of Crossroad Games with her deceptively simple yet incredibly concise answer "Only plan what the players can't change." We talk about Kerri's experience weaving stories with several players across short adventures and how planning as little as possible helped her work with the players to create compelling narratives.

If you want to see Kerri in action you can find her games on YouTube to keep up to date with her latest projects follow her on Twitter @KerriSmith2012 catch all of her projects on her linktree as well:

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Intro and Outro music by Paul Mackie

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