Season 3 Episode 1: Nothin’ Like The Real Thing

19 Hits the Dragon is back! *cue epic guitar solo*

We've got a great season ahead and we're off to a hot start with our first guests, the creative minds behind The Real Thing RPG. We chat about some lessons learned in the development of this project and how their take on empowering players to be co-creators at the table influenced the decisions they made. They offer some great advice to designers and GMs about how to enable your players to tell the story they want to tell. 

Check out the Real Thing Kickstarter and back it starting March 15th. Follow them on twitter for more updates @ThingRPG

You can follow the Art Director and Illustrator James Mosingo on  Twitter or Instagram. 

Find Co-Writer Jason Peercy on Youtube and check out his Music project Synthas on Youtube or Bandcamp 

Wanna listen to get a taste for what playing The Real Things is like? You can listen to the Actual Play we did with The Tabletop Journeys podcast. Find the first episode here.


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