Season 2 Episode 8: Editing The Movie On The Fly: or Table Management

The role of Game Master at a table is something of a circus act, a juggler or plate spinner keeping all the pieces moving and enthralling your players as a participating audience. This is something that requires skill and like all skills requires time and practice to execute flawlessly. Like any showman however you must also be aware of audience or your table in the case of a Game Master. The biggest difference between the Game Master and a typical performer is this direct interaction. So being aware of your players, their intentions, interests, and involvement is absolutely vital to having an enjoyable game. 

Today I am Joined by Ishmael Alvarez  A.K.A. Elven Wizard King, a community manager and Dungeon Master of his own live streamed game and DMs Guild author, to discuss these aspects of table management. He's got some really great advice on how to craft your sessions and stories around your players intentions and fuel the things that keep them excited as well as how to handle conflicting interests at the table and keeping everyone happy while finding the best compromise. 

If you're interested in seeing or hearing more from my guest today you can find his streams and Vods on Twitch or YouTube, check out his DMs Guild publishings here, or follow him on Twitter @ElvenWizardKing.

As always a huge shout out to Paul Mackie for our rockin theme song and a big thank you to our editor Hannah Miller. 

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